You are not a tree is a statement that has become second nature, due to constant usage.

It’s my reply to every situation where the power of choice is not being used.

A tree has many attributes; resilience, strength, etc. But its approach to life can be uninspiring.

A tree stays and takes in all manner of inconveniences from nature. From the stinging sun, to the pelting rain, to the roaring wind. It just stands there. Not like it has a choice though.

If you see a tree literally walking, your heart might give up on you, giving you a straight one way train ride to God . But you get.

For humans, the reverse is the case. You have a choice. In fact you have choices. You get to decide which inconvenience affects you (except you’re a Nigerian where everything is designed for the sole purpose of making you uncomfortable. So technically this line shouldn’t be here.)

But humans are sadly in constant beef with their power of choice. We approach situations from the standpoint of a tree, enabling nonsense.

When you decide to remain in a deadbeat relationship with a person that does not value your input, that makes your self esteem come to the level of your toes, that treats you worse than an after thought…

When you stay in a work environment where toxicity is in a stiff competition with acid…

When you continue to entertain actions that embody the foreseeable consequences of ruining you…

Here’s what happens; you accept trash. And that makes you an enabler of trash, which makes you trash too.

You are not a tree signifies that you have the veto power to be presidential in your approach about your life choices. That you get to make really phenomenal choices.

It signifies really, that a relationship should not strip you of your dignity. I reference relationships again because we’re social beings, and we are always in some form of a relationship with people. We can’t avoid it. Introvert, and “I don’t like people” all you want, you’ll always be in some form of a relationship.

And as young people, most of our angst flow from how a certain xyz treated us, and how this isn’t the first time xyz is doing this. But instead of taking a royal work from nonsense, we remain there like a tree. We whine about it. We find a group or anyone willing to listen and rant about it. We contain all that negative fume that rises from thinking about it. Laying foundation for hate, an emotion which embodies all forms of uglification fashioned to keep you small. When we can just use our unlimited choice of walking.

It’s mental masturbation without the orgasm to worth the squat. It’s an enormous amount of time allocated to needless cerebral drudgery of complaining, and nursing anger.

“But you won’t understand, it’s not that easy…” should be entertained with the guiding principle that your dignity will not be stripped, neither will you be disrespected because of a relationship.

Quite frankly any relationship that cannot acknowledge that should be allowed to fail. You’ll be fine. Even animals are known to move away from a habitat when it becomes hostile to them. Yet humans who are higher in intellect stick to hostile relationships like leech, whining…”

As you grow older, you’ll realize you don’t need all those relationships, as you watch your circle enrol on a keto diet and gym practices. The consequence, a drastic reduction in size. You’ll be left with the choice of holding the ones that matter, and watch other ideas of relationships fall over themselves.

Generally, we must approach life with the recognition that we always have options:

That is when instead of whining about a deadbeat relationship that even Jesus can’t pull a Lazarus on, we walk.

Instead of whining about how we hate our jobs, course, career etc. We abandon it, and go do what truly matters to us.

Because life is short, and we don’t have all the time, so we don’t get to be tree like in exercising the choices that’s goes on a larger spectrum to determine how well we live the short life we have.

By AA (Anonymous Author)

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  1. I like that, “You are not a tree.” A very apt and gentle way of waking others (and ourselves) up to the power of choice. Though I do like trees, I like the power to move and be and do much better.

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