I haven’t lived very long, (though in a country with a terribly low life expectancy as Nigeria, I have probably lived one third of my life). But the short time I’ve been around, there’s one thing I’ve found to be true: there are no set guidelines to living life.

For every facet of human life, there are dozens of options on how best to live it: a hundred religions, as much diets, exercise regimes, clothing routines, financial strategies, family/childrearing practices, relationship guidelines, you get my point. Scores of pointers on how best to live your life. And everyone claims to be right.

So, the billion dollar question: How do I live?

Here’s my answer, and the answer you’ll find out for yourself: You choose. Nobody is going to tell you what works for you better than yourself.

Some people go a particular route because their role model or best friend or whomever is in the same route. You see them struggling with a life tip, say, Pilates or extreme minimalism, simply because XYZ says it’s awesome.

Whatever anyone pushes to you as The Thing To Be/Do is, fundamentally, their personal opinion, which they have tried out for themselves and found to work well for them as well as for others they know/have asked. Even the most widely accepted method of being or doing something, which the whole world swears by, will still tick at least one person off. And that includes the very thing I am telling you: i.e writing your life manual yourself. Some people would very much rather others to make the decision for them, point them in the direction to go. Whatever works for them.

What exactly am I saying? This your life, is the only one of its kind. So, it’s left for you, the one that knows it best, to decide what and what not to follow.

You see, the same world that tells us, “If it’s meant to be yours, it’ll come to you”, equally says, “If you want it, you better go for it.” That same world would advise us to be happy with what we have, and at some other point, tell us it’s a sin to be satisfied with our position in life without aiming for more.

That tells you, if you listened to everything everyone said, you would only be priming yourself to be dragged around by a horse called Confusion. It’s not a pretty sight

So, in the multitude of options, find what you like, twist and turn it to suit you (because there is no cut and dry), then go ahead and live it.

Photo credit: Kosoluchi Agboanike

Author’s Bio: Until the time she can say she is a lawyer, Kosoluchi Agboanike is content to be a penultimate Law student at the University of Nigeria. In addition to writing, she loves reading (naturally), food, photography, and kidding herself that she can sing and dance.
She roams Instagram as @ebon_koko.

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  1. Great post! Each person only knows themselves and what works for them. Each person should choose what works best for them rather than trying to follow the crowd!

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