We shall meet again
Someday on the road to the deep
And take on our potion dose
And the harmattan shall crack our skin
We shall again visit
The last cabin at the place where the road
Runs into the forests to listen
To the old one
Who sets his jaw on a cane to speak
Who sits on a large stone to speak
As he sings a song into the whurlwind
A proverb is spilled like beans unshelled
To tell a story best told by the gods
Ours is but a shadow of the tale.

Poet’s Bio:

Agunbambaru is a songwriter, poet and secondary school teacher living in Oyo State.  Apart from writing he enjoys dancing to the afro-latin sounds of Cuban salsa in the evening and listening to Nigerian folk music in the break of dawn. As an art enthusiast who read a lot of black poetry growing up he is bedazzled by the sound of the talking drum and waving of palm trees.

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