I shall strike on stone with stone,
To make sparks,
If you will hide me within your fur after you
may have crawled out of your skin
that sheltered you,
Only then shall I take you
within my cave to light the fire for you again.
Together we will sit and watch
figurines jump out of walls,
Much to our merriment
To do a dance
The dance of flames.
I shall rip my fibula from its joint,
Scrawl lines with my clavicle
As long as I don’t run out of blood
If you can walk on veins,
Let me gaze upon your heart and lungs and stones,
I shall write a poem for you.

Poet’s Bio: Agunbambaru is a songwriter, poet and secondary school teacher living in Oyo State. Apart from writing he enjoys dancing to the afro-latin sounds of Cuban salsa in the evening and listening to Nigerian folk music in the break of dawn. As an art enthusiast who read a lot of black poetry growing up he is bedazzled by the sound of the talking drum and waving of palm trees.

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