I have a secret I’d like to share, super power if you care,


I can cast a spell on you,

not with wand, nor by wish.

Something you know, but don’t.

One word at first I have for you,

Now two,now three and more.

With a pot of words, and the fire,

my passion, roaring beneath,

the scent of mystery fills the air.

A tale is set, and now I spin.




Swear that you do not hear it;

My voice in your head,

as each word strings you along.

Through the fine web of betrayal and lies;

Through the brilliance of a light unveiled at last;

Through dark caves and thick forests;

Tell me you do not hear my heroine weep,

at the loss of her mother;

or see Ella in her glass slippers,

the light that stops the hearts of all in the ballroom;

Or hear the anguish of the animals,

for Noma,the mighty Lion King, is gone to the great beyond.




Swear that I have never moved you out of your room;

indeed not every journey begins with a step,

For these thousand miles begin with a word.

Tell me I have not taken you to lands so strange,

Yet you are almost sure you could find your way;

could navigate through that city.

Or that I have not taken you to the future,

that I have not made you wish, or wonder,

what is next,what happens when we have left.

Swear that I have not driven you to see your past,

to times before your time;

Or worse,

to face your own past.

I dare you to say that you do not see yourself,

that paper has not become as glass;

revealing, reflecting, quite like a mirror.



Something you know, but don’t,

I can becloud your mind.

But this is why you’ve come to me,

because you trust that in the end,

I’ll set you free, I’ll let you see.

For this reason I exist,

To bring to life the words I write.



My tale is spun, and now you’re done.


Bio: My name is Lotanna Nwafor. I’m a 21 year old student of Enugu State University of Science and Technology. My basic needs in life include food, a good book, some paper and a pen.

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