It’s been a long while I published a work on this platform. A myriad of excuses abound in my head right now that would explain my absence (school, school and more school), but you don’t deserve my whines regarding this subject. I apologize profusely and hope to create a balance that would not lead to the depreciation of this blog.

Now, enough of apologies. Yesterday was the 8th of March. In other words, yesterday was globally celebrated as International Women’s Day. You heard (with your visual ears at least) me. The question I muse about in fluctuating vibes (other things take up my thoughts) is whether women have come so far that all spheres of the world now celebrate them or is it hypocrisy still in some of these parts?

First of all, I am a human. Then I am a woman. Let me make this clear. Now, we have days for everything. Children, Men, Black History month, and so on. Some would argue that every day is for the whites so they don’t deserve a month dedicated to them (no offence to them who read this). But let’s not get off track.

The African world is a world where patriarchy is still an issue. Girl child education is a no no in so many parts. Women are continuously denied their fundamental rights. The female child is given out in marriage at ages that make reasonable people shudder. These issues are branches of a tree that has spread its roots so far and wide that I don’t think it can be uprooted in this lifetime. Sad but true.

You see woman?

She strives so hard to think for herself, work for herself and live for herself. She strives so hard to alter her mind daily from the garbage she hears, sees and listens to about her unworthiness to do many things. She strives so hard to be more than a wife and mother. She strives so hard not to let the pains, struggles and sacrifices of great women who anchored this revolution, be in vain.

Rosa Parks, Amelia Earhart, Genevieve Nnaji, Michelle Obama, Wendy Okolo, and many more of these brave women show us that in the eyes of history and the present, impossibility only happens to the harbingers of doubt.

I do not like to get into debates about feminism and the like because some ignorant people choose to be ignorant no matter what. I am a humanist who believes that everyone (man, woman, child, blacks, every religion, homosexuality and any other thing that sparks up controversy) should be treated with respect and not be discriminated against because of their essence. The thing that makes them…well, them.

So, woman? She deserves to be celebrated. Every single day. Don’t limit her to a day. In fact, don’t limit anyone to a day, irrespective of gender. Celebrate them until you lose the ability to talk.

Woman, you are strong. Do not be afraid to change the way the world perceives that strength. In the world of Maya Angelou: “Grab the world by its lapels.”

Can we try? To create a balance for the better. Let the world celebrate woman without people sliding into my DM asking why men aren’t celebrated. Y’all are. Google it. Let’s not go two steps forward and a whole century backwards.

A friend of mine wrote an article with similar substance t mine. You’d love it:

Till next time, keep musing.

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