I can’t sleep so I decided to blog about something that I feel very strongly about. Rape. I know this is a topic most people love to avoid. “It doesn’t happen to me or anyone I care about so why bother with it?” Or the more self righteous “I hate rape. From a distance at least.”

Some of us are so indifferent towards something that can and does permanently scar a female for life. Now I know some people might say “What about the males?” I totally understand. In my opinion, males can be raped too. But tonight is all about the ladies.

I saw this on a friend’s page last night and I was…there was no word to describe how I felt. This right here is what I call the double standard. She can’t say yes. She can’t say no. Some people were of the opinion that it was a joke. The guy was obviously joking. No really. Someone said that. So rape is something that can apparently be joked about. To the guys out there, I want you to think of your mothers, sisters, nieces, girlfriends, and so on. What if it was she? I can only imagine the trauma and fear this girl must be going through. Joke or not.

Rape must be proven before the offender can be put away for it. I am a law student so yes I know. But the threat of it? Is it to be regarded as a mere joke? I want us to spread the awareness. Men who “joke” in this manner should not be allowed to get away with it. There should be severe consequences. A woman should not be allowed to live in fear because she said the word “no.”

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Till next time, keep musing.

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