If someone asked me what my blog niche was, I’d pause for quite a bit. What do I really focus on? Health, food, photography, make up, and so on? No, no (a food blog sounds delicious though), nope and a definite no (make up is not in my line of expertise or interest). I guess after my dramatic yet needed pause, I would tell the person that I blog about my opinions on various topics, not just because I love to write (I really do), but because I want someone out there to get motivated enough to pause.

Motivated enough to pause what exactly? Your life.

The cliché “life is a journey, not a race” so applies here. We see life as one huge to-do list. Get born? Check. Go to school? Check. Get a college education? Check. Study a professional course in order to ensure success? Check. Get married? Check. Have children? Checkity check. Die? Check.

Be happy? Welllllllll… Have true friends that you cherish and cherish you more? Ummmmmmm… Make your passion your work? But being a deejay doesn’t pay the bills. And so on and so on.

We come into this world with our to-do list in a template form awaiting our check marks. Society is more than prepared to remind you. How dare you think you can be happy without being married to a provider? As a woman, that is a big no no. As long as it pays the bills, you better be content and die slowly in a job that you hate. Just get in and get out. Make room for the next generation.

Life is not absolutely a bed of roses. Neither is it absolutely a bed of thistles and thorns. But many of us have been used to thorns all our lives that the slim possibility of a single rose is so laughable. We don’t get roses. Life doesn’t owe us happiness. We better be grateful for whatever petal we have and stop whining. It’s better endure the race we didn’t ask to be in and just GIGO. Pretty harsh, right? Believe it or not, people actually think this way.

My opinion? I think babies are onto something when they whine day and night, night and day. Eventually, they get what they want, be it attention, food or attention. I’m not saying that we have to start crying and whining at life. You’ll just get a big headache. If we had more than one life (no offence to pro-reincarnationists), we could risk being content in this one. But we don’t, so we can’t. it just doesn’t cut it anymore.

It’s not evil to want more than that *insert adjective of choice* template society thrust at you. You can want more. In fact, you should want more. Don’t settle. If you have to cry and whine for a bit, then do it. But after crying and whining, take a Tylenol for that inevitable headache, wipe your eyes and make your own template. This is your life. Yours. Do you understand that?

As I grow older, I understand the term YOLO better each day. Your bed of roses can actually be bigger than all your thorns combined.

When you’re done reading this, pause. You can make up your own template right now. Your happiness is subjective to you but with one main objective to all; you get to enjoy the race you didn’t ask to be put in. (Check out this blog post. The year is still fairly new).

Till next time, keep musing.

18 thoughts on “PAUSE”

  1. make your passion work? that’s the scary part. especially if your passion isn’t one of the normal things in this part of this world.
    thanks Zikanni. this really made me pause

    • 👍👍Glad to hear it. Travel is a passion of mine too. As soon as I get the money, it will be something I would love to pursue. Europe particularly.💜💜
      Thanks for your comment. I’ll check out your blog.

    • Thank you😊. I’m glad for the positively response. You can follow my social media handles in order to be aware of my future posts.💜

  2. Love tho so much! Definitely needed! Pausing and recognizing what makes you happy and what you’re passionate about is important! I totally agree with the society pressures and the “perfect” plan. It’s not for everyone. Hints as to why my husband and I live in an RV and striving to travel in fulltime in the future!

    • I’m glad this served a need. RV? Really? That’s totally cool. Good luck to you both. Travelling is something I’d love to do a lot when I’m older too.

    • 👏👏👏👏that’s totally awesome. Chill, dogs?😅😅. Yep. Totally random. Do you babe. Thanks for sharing your thoughts💜💜
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