Bang! Boom! It’s New Year’s and most places are filled with sounds of fireworks and firecrackers. Colors adorn the sky like beautiful garlands. Champagne flutes are being clanked all over the world. Churches filled to the brim with believers. Kisses exchanged, hugs shared, resolutions made (more than half broken before the end of the day).

So many traditions mark today. For instance, some hold the superstition that if kisses are not exchanged, it will ensure a year of loneliness. Yeah. That’s the reason they’re lonely. No exchange of saliva occurred by 00:00. Wow.

It’s a tricky business, this New Year thing. All over social media, people who have not the slightest inkling and would probably care less are being “cut off.” Thank yous and shout outs are being given to those who made 2018 special (the persons have to be tagged to see it or it means nothing). This begins on Christmas day and continues even till today. Resolutions are made with such zeal that you almost think they won’t be broken.

Some of us are basically anti New Year’s. It’s just a regular day. It will come, live for about 24 hours and detonate. Till 2020. So what’s the hullaballoo about? People died today. People will die tomorrow. There’s nothing special about today. We just technically follow the Roman calendar.

What team are you on? While you think about that for a minute, let me tell you what I think. P.S. this is strictly my opinion. You don’t have to like it.
Life is beautiful. Do you feel me? Life is so *insert adjective here* beautiful. New Year’s is a little bit similar to how some of us respond to death. Someone dies and we get sober for a few hours or days. Depends on how close we were to the person. We write tributes online. Memories reminisced on.

This year, death decided to visit two people I knew. They were both law students and so bright. I was not super close to any of them but I felt their absence. Messages overflowed from people. Death was on the stand with so many questions to answer. This happened for a few days and then life returned to normal. Yes, life should return to normal. We should live life to the maximum. Celebrate life on their behalf.

Now this is what happens on New Year’s or the days preceding it. Friends are tagged. We decide to settle arguments. Resolutions are  resolutely made. Spiritual turnaround in (say Amen?). We release the negative energy that has to be caused by someone else. Not us. But you see the slight problem here? Look at the underlined again. The sad, painful but realistic truth is that life is fleeting. Life comes and goes. Life is a gift. We’re not guaranteed tomorrow. Neither are we promised five minutes from now. Now is all we have.


Why not settle that fight now? Why not send that text now? Pray that prayer now? Make that resolution now? Write that vision down now? Love that person now? Release the bad energy now? Make those memories now? Play that instrument now? Learn that language now? Paint that painting now? Write that bestseller now? Cherish that family now?

Live that life now?

I don’t have a problem with the wishes.

For some of us, having a plan at the start of the year really does help. It puts everything in perspective. That’s beautiful. Work with that.

2019 is filled with so many memories waiting to be made. So many mistakes eager to be caused. Belly ache causing laughs ready to fill the air. Many dreams waiting to be birthed. But it will be worth it. You know why?
Because you didn’t wait till 31st December 2019 to do all these. You did them now.

Till next time, keep musing.

10 thoughts on “NEW YEAR’S FRENZY”

  1. Hello Zikanni,

    This is a nice article you got here, starting a new year with new year resolution is the best thing to me.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome piece.

    Best wishes of the year to you, Happy new year.

    • Thank you for leaving your thoughts here. Yes, it should be a time of reflection and you not liking what you saw is being realistic. You looked at your life realistically and saw areas where change could be used. Don’t be depressed. 2019 is a year of positive realism.💜💜

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