I’m not an early sleeper. Nope. You know the whole “early to bed, early to rise” saying? Yeah I still wake up late even if I go to bed early. To my credit though, during school time I wake up super early.

What’s the point of telling you about my sleep biography? I ruminate late in the night about lots of things. I remembered the picture you see here and started with the ruminating.

Anytime I hear or see the words, “love at first sight”, I mentally and (sometimes too) physically roll my eyes. Or when I hear the words, ” I loved you from the first moment I saw you, ” I shake my head at the great pace at which originality dissipates. A lot of us out there do too.

There’s this movie:THINK LIKE A MAN (2012). In one of the scenes, a guy wanted to buy a drink for a lady and she asked “Why? Oh you saw me, visualized me and want to get into my pants. Or is it because you crave scintillating conversation? You don’t know me. I could be a killer. I could be a psycho.” (It’s a funny yet eye opening movie).

It is so true though. What makes someone approach another someone without any prior contact or mutual friend? 98% it’s about the physical appearance. No really. I admire good looking guys. I have hormones too. But I can’t say I love you at first sight. At first sight, it was and usually is infatuation, lust or admiration. Pure and simple.

But then Rafiki from THE LION KING said something quite similar but different. He told Timon “look beyond what you see.” Look beyond? All I see is a big pointy rock. You mean I still have to dig deeper? Isn’t the surface look enough? That’s so much work. Yeah it is much work. It took Timon a long time before he got to the promised love and he had to pass a lot of ugly things to get there. Ironically, he didn’t even know when he got there. Pumbaa had to show him.

Same as life. Most of us don’t have the strength or energy to look beyond the big pointy rock. Looking at the rock is enough. In fact it took time before we got here. But just imagine loving someone for the person they truly are. Not because the person is beautiful or good looking (be honest, that plays a vital part) but because the person’s snores are cute or the person has a cleanliness problem and you find it endearing. The point is you love the person because the person is who he/she is.

So the next time someone says the whole love at first sight thing to you, I advise you to wait. Don’t be so quick to roll your eyes like me. The person might have taken time to look beyond your big pointy rock. But if not? YouTube has some great eye rolling tutorials.

Till next time. Keep musing.

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