“Life is so unfair.” I don’t think there is anyone who hasn’t said these words or thought them. You know those moments when you’re drowning in frustration, pulling your hair all kinds of ways, nose dribbling, eyes bawling, lips scowling and your world falling apart at the seams. Yep that’s a definite life’s unfair moment.

You give Einstein a run for his money with the intense way you study and only get a C in your exam. You give your all and then some to your partner but it seems like he/she’s just using your good ol’ heart. You might be rich but still nah.

What about the people who did nothing for nobody yet have all they could ever want or ever need? They’re people too. Is the universe just out there to mess with my existence?

Let’s get one thing clear. There are more than 7 billion people in the world and other planets with ostensible life forms too. So if the universe had a great sense of humor and loved practical jokes, what makes you so special that it would make your life miserable?

It is so true though. The good people always get the short end of the stick while the not so good ones have Pharell’s “Happy” on repeat. The Bible recognizes this so well. Even believers question why non believers get away with cheating or bribery or the nasty stuff.

I did. Sometimes I still do. That’s life at it’s utmost unfairness. I’ve studied but failed, “loved” the wrong people, prayed but didn’t look like God answered, played by the rules while the rule breakers got off free. You see? Life’s not fair.

I saw something that changed my perception (a bit though). “Life is fair because it is unfair to everybody.” True that. At one point, I’m sure Stephen Hawking thought life unfair. He was a brilliant physicist and still he had to battle ALS (a terrible disease. Google it up). What about Mark Zuckerberg? Even with his geeky genius brain, the dude has faced a number of lawsuits. Sure he thought life unfair then. Or what about celebrities with their glamorous lives? Sleeping and waking up to cameras everywhere invading their space must put life at the top of the fair list (sarcasm).

At the end of the day you guys, life doesn’t owe you nada. It doesn’t. Get your head out of the clouds and realize that it always rains hardest on the people who deserve the sun. Know what you have and be grateful for it. Life doesn’t give out rewards according to the effort put in but as long as we do our best with what we have, we won’t be able to blame regret on life.

So in other words, Suck. It. Up. Suck it up and live.

Till next time. Keep musing.

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