is it mandatory to feel excited about your first ever blog post? Well I don’t. I feel as if I’ve been bitten with the stage fright syndrome, except in this case it’s the screen fright syndrome. It’s scary. But hey, that’s part of the fun. (gulps!)

I have random, crazy thoughts in my head. Every day. They’re not so crazy as they are mainly curious thoughts. I think a lot and yes, I do have an active imagination. Who is the person typing behind the screen? We’ll know later on.

I’ve procrastinated in creating a blog for so long. A friend pushed me. Well a couple of friends. So what do I muse about? Reflect about? Think about? Well…everything. My faith, global issues, issues that are seen as taboo (ha! my favorite), basically life. What makes life tick. We’re on a journey, each and every one of us. It’s a journey of growth (the growth part is totally optional by the way). This is a space where everyone is free to share their thoughts and comment as so. Please comments that border on cyber bullying will not be tolerated. Freedom of expression can be expressed but not abused.

Well that’s it for tonight. I’m so excited to what this space will birth. There’s so much potential. I’ll need your help to unlock it.

Till next time. Keep musing.

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